Best Free Keyword Research Tools to use for PPC in 2020

Best Free Keyword Research Tools

Written by CognitionLab

March 31, 2019

Keyword research can be a difficult – time consuming and expensive process without the correct tools. If you have the money there are very helpful platforms you can subscribe online. If you don’t have the money, well, you’re in luck. Some goo Samaritans have come to your rescue..

What are the Best Free Keyword Research Tools to use for PPC?

We have listed our Top 10 options as below:Google Trends

1. Google Trends

Google trends is simple to use. Enter your search keyword and see it’s popularity in terms of search volumes over time. You can see monthly and yearly historic data across a very clear graph. This tool is easy to use and can be very insightful.

2. Keyword Shitter

Simple to use tool. Enter a keywords and wait for the tool to generate alot of releavnt keywords. Keyword Shitter works by mining Google’s auto completions.

3. Answer the Public

This tools finds questions and related searches people may be asking for. The search queries are matched with who/what/why/where/how/which/when/are/is and sometimes offers very useful gems for targeting.

4.Google Correlate

Google Correlate finds search patterns related to your target keyword – generating 10 keywords for each search.

5. Keywords Everywhere

This is a free add-on plugin for Google Chrome and Firefox. Keywords everywhere provides search volumes, CPCs and level of competition when typing keywords in major search platforms (Google, YouTunbe, Amazon and so on)

6. Word Tracker Scout

Word Tracker Scout creates keyword clouds for a website’s keyword themes. This is a free plugin to install on Google Chrome

7. Google Search Console

Check what keyword searches are driving traffic to your website via Google Search Console. This is a very insightful set of data for understanding your audience and finding opportunities to build on.

8. Google Search Bar

The easiest and most obvious solution offered by Google. Start typing your keywords in the search engine and discover what search auto suggest search query will come out.

These 8 tools are the best free keyword research tools we have found for running cheap PPC campaigns. Do you agree?



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