What to learn from GenerationZ?

Kevin Jones,  Senior Media Strategist

Drop your illusions of youth. Stop making comparisons to your own past days. Being young in 2019 is very different 5, 10 or 15 years ago.

Generation Z have new life perceptions and as today’s marketeers we must understand the dynamics in their behaviors.

Today we will focus on Generation Z and give meaning to their behavioral trends.

Who are Generation Z?

Young adults born from the mid 90’s up until early 2000’s who are now entering the workplace are labeled as Generation Z.

This so called youth, has now started earning their own income, entering influential social positions and exercising their own collection of attitudes and beliefs. Understanding the mindsets of these audiences will allow you to communicate to them accurately and personally. So pay attention.

Key Characteristics of Generation Z

1. Gen Z are future oriented.

Gen Z are seeking practical and resourceful ways to sustain their future. The average Undergraduate takes out over £50k student debt.  Home ownerships have dropped 8% in past 5 years. And d 1 in 10 are working zero hour contracts.  They know the market is not in their advantage and as a result they are cautious planners. . They are more open to long term benefits than to live day by day.

“Being young in 2019 is very different to 5,10, 15 years ago.”

2. Work Life Balance is a must for them

Unlike millennials, work/life balance is sacred to Gen Z and they will not spend day and night at work for bean bags and free bear. Money is a priority but but they want to make sure they’re journey is a positive one. 

Gen Z are happy to work hard and make sacrifices as long as the cause is right.


3. #YOLO has been replaced by #JOMO

Young people’s JOMO (Joy of missing out) habits see them unplug from social media and avoiding social engagements in the hope to be more mindful. As a results TV streaming and gaming are the real winners when it comes to fullfiling JOMO dreams.


68% would prefer to watch videos on YouTube than spend time outdoors (40%), go out drinking (34%) or go to night clubs (23%)

Generation Z insights. 

Photograph by Lorem Ipsum via Unsplash

4. Their time is Precious (And scarce)

Gen Z are busy putting effort into what matters to them. Their time is precious and scarce. They do not want to make choices, nor do they have time to. They expect tailored/personalised content to be within instant reach.

Unsurprisingly their favourite brands include Spotify, monzo, asos, Netflix, google

 5. The world matters to them

Gen Z may be modest in their  professional ambitions, but they are absolute in desire for a better world. The few mass market trends they follow involve social wellbeing. Think of Climate change (38%), Mental Health  (29%), Gap Between Rich & Poor (19%), Brexit (19%), NHS (17%). 


 6. Mainstream is nor their thing

68% of GenZ (16-24s) claim to not follow popular trends.  Thanks to the internets this generation has access to limitless spaces to explore tgeir identities. And as we know, the online world can make niche interests feel mainstream  – when you connect with others like yourself.

GenZ are acting in Tibes, data suggests they ascribe themselves four different identities on average, We call this the atomisation of tribes. Most popular identities, which are pretty mainstream within themselves, include: Music lovers, Foodies, Gamers and Feminists.


Being young in 2019 is very different to 5,10, 15 years ago. Drop your delusions of the youth. Connect with this generation through the things they care about. Save them time, give them personalized experiences, engage with their desires.

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