How to get a High Quality Score on Google AdWords?

How to get high quality score on Google Adwords?

Written by CognitionLab

January 21, 2018

How to get a High Quality Score on Google AdWords?

The following story will show trails of our recent high quality score on Google Adwords we achieved with one of our University Clients. After months of experimentation we averaged a high Quality Score of 8.1 (which is phenomenal!) and the performance difference has been exemplary since.

Before we begin did you know a High Quality Score on Google AdWords can:

  • Lower your Cost per clicks (CPC)
  • Lower your cost per conversions
  • Improve your ad rankings
  • Improve your audience reach among probably many other things.

Your Quality Score plays a definitive role in your Adwords campaigns success. If you haven’t already we would recommend reading the fundemental principles of adwords campaigns.

Well we did, and by following these rules we captured success with our quality score to a certain extent (avg 7/10) but the campaign qualities still varied quite often. We then started testing new strategies, and found a pattern of success that consists of 5 principles…

So, how did we do it? Get reading below…


1-  Focus On your Click-Through Rates

Click Through Rate’s are an indication of whether your keywords are targeting the correct audiences. The higher your CTR the more relevant your targeting is – and Google Adwords respects this!

In our campaigns for the University we started using a mixture of branded and non-branded keywords – with the aim to pull up the account average Click Through Rate. After a couple of months putting money behind keywords (15%-20% of campaign budget) we started seeing  a consistent increase in the campaigns quality score. The correlation between CTR’s and Quality Scores was evident and after trying this with other accounts we are sure there is truth to this story.

For branded keywords you can expect to see very high CTR’s, but non-branded keywords – particularly within the education industry, we see the CTR benchmark to be +/-1%.

2- Use Long-Tail Keywords

Achieving high CTR’s require the fine-tuning of keywords. While trying to rank against competitive and short-til keywords often prove to be wasteful – they often tend to lower the average CTR.
The benefits of using Long-Tail Keywords play a big part in achieving higher CTR’s and Quality Scores

3- A/B Testing & Optimization

The beauty of Adwords comes from it’s flexibility in campaign management. We can add/edit/delete campaign elements in real time, which offers us advertisers a unique opportunity to optimize campaign performances.
For our client we created and edited ad groups with different ad copy and keywords on a regular basis. Always optimizing the activity to the best performers and replacing the poor elements with new options. This fine tuning gave us the privilege of truly understanding how our audience reacted to our promotion and helped us boost our CTR’s.
We can not emphisize enough that search engine marketing requires tender loving care. You need to out the effort and time behinf campaigns to truly grasp your promotion. Don’t be affraid to try different ad copy and keywords, a/b test where ever you can and optimise the s**t  out of the campaign.
Let’s recapture the 3 methods to get a high quality score on AdWords…
  1.  Increase your CTR by using a mix of Branded and non-branded keywords
  2. Compete for Long-Tail keywords in order to increase ad relevance
  3. Continuously Optimize your content
If your quality scores aren’t improving after following these steps give us a shout. We’ll be happy to assist you with your needs.


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