How to Improve Google Search Campaigns? Campaign optimization

Improve Google Search Campaign Optimization

Written by CognitionLab

March 29, 2019

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The debate on How to Improve Google Search Campaigns is a long going discussion. Google AdWords guideline is growing year on year. Marketers interpretations even more.

We decided to summarise the top 7 Google Search optimization strategies to make life easier for you.

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7  Google Search optimization strategies on AdWords

1. Tidy up the account

  • Limit volume of keywords in ad groups. Keep themes focused, tidy and easily manageable.
  • Remove all low impression keywords. De-clutter the account
  • Remove all low CTR keywords (high impression, no clicks).
  • Check campaign/ad group layout is themed correctly.

2. Confirm Attention Priority

  • Decide what metric is most valuable to us if conversions are not happening. Currently, CTR – Session Duration & Search Impression Share are of priority.
  • Find all relevant synonyms/search terms of converting keywords and expand on them
  • Use all keyword match types for converting keywords and bid as needed on them

3. Use Negative Keywords

  • Look at search term report and identify what keyword is triggering what search terms.
  • If search terms are irrelevant, tighten your keyword list.
  • If search terms are capturing high value/high CTR insights, add these keywords into campaigns.

4. Improve Quality Score

  • Ensure all target keywords are highlighted within ad copy (particularly headers)
  • a/b test ad copy
  • Recommended 2 desktop ads + 2 mobile ads
  • Ensure ad copy has clear CTR and trial Header 1 and Header 2 variations (ie. punctuation on line 1)
  • Ensure landing pages are tailored towards search term queries


  • Trial remarketing for high converting/value keywords which have low impression shares.


  • Prioritise value assigned to keywords using ECPC. This allows Google to up weight keywords that have conversion potential while giving bid control to users.
  • If enough conversions are existent, trial ‘maximise conversions’ and see if Google’s AI can add value to the campaign
  • Trial Search Page location targeting. Particularly for priority keywords / competitor branded keywords trial this strategy to capture a strong top page position on search engine.


  • Look for patterns in day parts / geographies / platforms / devices / browsers.
  • The solution may sometimes (not often) be hidden in the details.

Improving your Google Search Campaigns require TLC. Patience. And plenty of trial and error.

Put the effort in and you will discover your own strategy as progressing down the way.




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