What are the Key Shopping Trends across the world?

Key Shopping Trends across the world

Written by CognitionLab

January 28, 2018

E-commerce and omni-channel purchases are changing when and how people are shopping. The shopping trends across the world have started to merge together under umbrella dates. You probably heard of ‘Black Friday’ but have you heard of the emerging ‘Cyber Week 2’. Well I hadn’t either but the world is connecting under this day. Apparently this is the week between Christmas and New Year’s when shoppers are motivated by end of year deals.

So what are the other common shopping trends across the world? Looking at search and purchase patterns in 2017 we were able to identify the key purchase patterns around the globe…

Key Shopping Trends across the world

The key shopping trends across the globe show some similarities. As some days have become universal dates for sales and shopping, some countries still maintain some diversity to with their cultures.

Australia’s shopping trends in 2017

14th of November is when the Christmas madness begins in Australia. The date is specific to Australia and it’s regarded as the date when the pre-Christmas sales begin.

Although Black Friday is picking up momentum, the ‘Click Frenzy’ (14th of November) continues to be the most important e-commerce day of the year.

Brazil’s shopping trends in 2017

2017, as expected, was a slow paced e-commerce year for Brazil. Economic conditions and sale patterns go hand to hand and sadly Brazil continued it’s fight with the financial crisis. The most sought product during Black Friday (yes, Black Friday is big in Brazil) were Ultra HD4k TV’s.

26th of December was seen as the most fruitful day in sales after Black Friday.

UK’s shopping trends in 2017

Probably due to the close business ties UK has with American conglomerates – Black Friday has entered the market like a Wrecking Ball and is continuing it’s growth since. After Black Friday, UK’s Boxing day (26th of December) has proven to have the highest spike in sales year on year

Europe’s shopping trends in 2017

We thought the language difference would be enough to prevent Black Friday jumping over to France-Germany-Netherlands- Spain. How wrong we were. The Black Friday sales are booming year on year, and the day is fast becoming labeled as the sales day.

In 2018 we expect to see further integration of global shopping days. As globalization has become the distance of 2 clicks on the internet we expect to see these marketing giants take further control over the world.

Until we loose all our traditions stay with health and enjoy Black Friday.


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