Are SMART DISPLAY ads worth trying?

Google Smart Display Ads

Written by CognitionLab

March 31, 2019

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So the two big questions are ‘what are Google’s SMART display ads?’ and ‘are SMART DISPLAY ads worth trying?’

ps. Before we begin please note that Google, the mastermind of marketing, is attempting to replace the role of marketers with artificial intelligence. Their maneuver began a long time ago, but never as blunt as Smart Display Ads. When investing more money into Google please give consideration to what they are trying to achieve.

What are Smart Display Ads?

Smart Display ads are google’s automated ad serving option across all formats. In simple terms the marketer gives visual and written assets to Google and the system automates the formats and placements for optimizing conversions.

Smart Display Ad Campaigns Optimization Technologies

  1. Automated Biding. Using target CPA, smart display campaigns optimize bids based on likelihood of conversion.
  2. Automated Targeting.  Using prospecting targeting Smart display will show ads where most business can be gathered.
  3. Automated Ad Creation. From the assets put in to Google (headline, description, logos, images) Smart ads produces assets to fit in all spaces across Google Display Network.

SMART Display Ad Specs

For Smart Display ads you will need to supply headlines, descriptions, logos and images for full ad-suite.

Smart Display ad specs

Smart Display ad specs
Smart Display ad requirements

SMART Display Ad Requirements

Google recommends having as least 50 display conversions or 100 search conversions per month. We recommend going even higher than this to be safe.

Google will use SEO keyword data and conversion data points to build on targeting criteria. If these elements are not providing healthy data all targeting may be skewed. Be cautious about this. Remember to regularly check demographics/placements and conversion rates to ensure money is not wasted.

SMART Display Verdict

If your site has enough conversions, Smart display defintiely worth trying. Given that it runs across all display network and formats it is very likely you will see higher CTR’s. Also worth noting Googgle rewards it’s own automated products so the reach of your campaign may improve as well.

Try it with a small bufget. Give it three weeks. Check targeting is running as planned. And most importantly compare results to see if it works better than manual reach.

Good luck and keep us posted![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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