How will GDPR affect retargeting campaigns?


Is re-targeting allowed with GDPR?

The answer is YES. GDPR allows retargeting campaigns unless your cookie policy is compliment with the rules…

What does GDPR want?

Simply put GDPR wants to deny people from tyring personal data with online behavior. This means anonymous online identifiers such as cookies and device IDs are counted as personal data and they require specific permission to be used.

How will GDPR affect retargeting campaigns?

Whether your on Google or Facebook or any other data capturing platform that uses cookies or device IDs – you will need some form of consent to be gathered from user for passing their data to any 3rd parties (eg a DSP, Facebook, Google) – before retargeting could commence.

If you have set re-targeting audiences in place we reccomend using these until the 24th of May.

On the 25th of May delete all data you have on your audiences, make sure your new dta policy is compliant with GDPR and start re-capturing audience data again (as long as your audience agrees t share the data!).

For further information check out IPA’s guidelines on GDPR and read up on further updates online.

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