October 11, 2019

5 Hacks to Optimize Facebook Ad Campaigns | September 2019 Update

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Looking to take your Facebook ads to the next level? Looking for ideas to improve your engagement rates?

In this article, you’ll discover 5 Hacks to Optimise your Facebook ad campaigns.


5 Hacks to Optimise Facebook Ads 

(September 2019 Update)


How to Increase your Organic Facebook reach?



 #1 Make Budget Jumps to your Facebook Ad Spend 


Raise the budget of your campaign 10%-20% every 4-7 days when results are performing exceedingly good.

Every ad set learns from its performance and retains the data. When you increase the budget by 10%-20%, it’s considered a relatively small change to in your ad set, so the ad retains most of the data and lessons learned from the initial phase of running your campaign.  This helps you keep your performance relatively stable compared to a larger change that forces the ad set to lose all of its initial data.

When you enable CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) at campaign level settings you will see Facebook warns that changing budgets does reset an ad sets learning phase, skewing the accountable data…


#2 Optimise your ad delivery

Finding your most profitable audience segments and investing in them is key. For this, you need to check the Facebook Breakdown information on the ads manager. When you click the button you will see the breakdown by 4 options

  • by Time
  • by Action
  •  by Delivery.

Among these breakdowns, delivery tends to be the most useful. Particularly the Gender, Age and Time of week metrics can be very insightful for you to narrow your targeting.

#3  Finding the correct audience targeting

Testing a variety of audience segments is key to determine what works best for your business.  For broad appeal product targeting, I prefer starting off with 4 to 6 different audience groups targeting.  Some ideas of inspiration may follow:

  • Large scale Interest-based audiences (400k -1m)
  • Midscale interests based audiences (40k – 400k)
  • Small scale interest-based audiences (0 – 40k)
  • 1% Lookalike Audiences
  • Re-targeting website and page visitors
  • Targeting based on Facebook Insights

And the list goes on. Once you let the campaign run for 7-14 days with a sufficient budget, you will see the data concluding tangible results on what does and doesn’t work. Keep A/B testing from there and optimize towards best performing.

#4 Trial CBO

Facebook is a powerful data aggregator and it likes being in control of making the decision for campaigns. Their new CBO feature is a good sign f this.

CBO (Campaign Budget Optimisation) allows Facebook to auto-optimize the ad sets and ad creatives to best performing. We have run this across a number of campaigns and the results have been extremely positive with the initial phases of the activity.

We recommend making use of this in the first 3 weeks of the campaign.

Once the engagement rates start to drop the system’s decision-making capacity starts to fluctuate, so to avoid any misdeliveries keep an eye on how things are progressing.

#5 Facebook Insight

It’s surprising how few advertisers make use of the powerful data they are sitting on.

For the Facebook pages you manage, we strongly recommend analyzing them through Facebook’s free insight tool. You will get clear cut demographic, interest and behavioral data of people who like your page. In most cases, the results are eye-opening and offer tangible actions to take for testing inc campaigns.


 Facebook is a platform that works best through continuous testing and optimization.  Keep an eye on deliveries and continue A/B testing. 



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