February 10, 2021

Google Adwords replaces BMM keywords with Phrase Match

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Google eliminates Exact Match Keywords and  expands phrase match to include broad match modifier traffic…


Big changes have come to Google’s phrase match and broad match modifier keyword match types.

Phrase match will expand to include broad match modifier traffic.

Exact match keywords will expand to include phrase match traffic.

Google also announced for Broad match keywords signals from landing pages and keywords in ad groups will also shape results.

See Google’s examples below:

Google Search keyword match types 2021

How will Phrase Match keywords affect campaigns?


Currently, an advertiser using broad match modifier for the keywords +moving +services +NYC +to +Boston may show up for the search query “moving services NYC to Boston.”

However, the ad may also display when someone searches “moving services Boston to NYC,” which may not be what the advertiser wants because the searcher is moving in the opposite direction.

In Google’s example below, the updated phrase match will not show ads for search queries in the opposite direction.

Google Phrase Match vs BMM keywords examples image

Still not clear?

A visual representation on Google Ads recent match type changes using fruit emojis 🍎🍏🍌

• Exact Match: 🍎=🍎
• Phrase Match: 🍎=🍏
• BMM Match: 🍎 = 🍌
• Broad Match: 🍎 = 🌈🥂👌🏽🤯🍹👑🍎

In the near future:
• Exact Match: 🍎=🍎🍏
• Phrase Match: 🍎=🍏/🍌
• Broad Match: 🍎 = 🌈🥂👌🏽🤯🍹👑🍎

Essentially Phrase and BMM will become the same thing, with BMM gradually being phased out.

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