April 5, 2019

How to Increase your Organic Facebook reach?

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Facebook, the money-sucking evil corporation, has maid organic content promotion very troublesome for us marketers. It is believed that Facebook organic content reaches only 2% of audiences if optimisation is not in place. In this article, we have explored how to Increase your Organic Facebook reach? Cognition-lab

How to increase your Facebook Page Reach?

  1. Use Facebook videos for engagement

2019 has once again shown that people prefer effort-less media consumption. Video content engagement standouts across all platforms and channels. Capitalise on this.

  • Include cc text with videos
  • Make sure the video is mobile screen friendly
  • Include a summary snippet at tart of videos
  • Make image/slideshow videos for engagement

2. Use Engagement driven content (not click bait)

Facebook’s algorithm is savvier than. Fake likes or clicks bate posts (i.e. share to win x prize) no longer work with algorithms. Facebook wants to see positive comments – engagements – shares and saves. They want meaningful interactions.

Some ideas to build quality content:

  • Ask users’ opinions and thoughts
  • Use user engagement driven imagery (i.e. what colour of dress do you see?)
  • Do opinion polls (i.e. who is the best x?)

3. Connect and share Content with like-minded people

Product recommendation is the easiest and cheapest way of getting followers. Use your network to share content with people. Make sure you take advantage of staff, friends, sub-accounts for sharing and posting a comment.

4. Invite post likes to like the page

A surprisingly well-hidden gem on Facebook. Go to your Facebook page settings and invite people to like your page. You will see a list of recommended names available for an invitation. These are people who have engaged with your content before but who have not like your page.

5. Use Targeting Optimisation on standard posts

Facebook now allows marketers to specify targeting criteria for organic posts. This is useful for splitting content and driving higher engagement rates with ad relevancy. Use Facebook insights to learn about your audience and segment content.

6. Use Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are fantastic for building audience engagement and loyalty. Some tips for growing your network

  • Make people feel special – send personal invites
  • Offer an incentive for them to join the group (i.e. offer facebook ad coupons for joiners)
  • Build an engaged community that operates intuitively

7. Post regularly without exception

Use post scheduling tools and never miss out on a day. Facebook algorithm and humans like consistency. Your absence will be penalised one way or another.  Social media experts tend to recommend posting 1 to 2 posts each day.





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